4 Tips in Finding the Best Website Hosting Providers

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Look at reviews from employees.

They say that you can tell plenty of things about a company, judging by the way it treats all of its employees. Look at this potential web hosting provider’s employee reviews on Glassdoor or Indeed. By doing so, you can have a glimpse inside their office, as well as the things going on there. 

Picture yourself as journalist writing a profile piece.

Are you looking for the best hosting service in Malaysia? You will surely encounter lots of agencies to choose from. Though, if you are having a hard time getting on the research mindset, just picture yourself as a journalist who is writing an in-depth company profile piece. Get a sense of how this web hosting company thinks, and how it responds to clients and employees. 

Talk with a former employee of the company you want to hire.

Look for people who sued to work there in a much higher-level position in their webhosting department. You can start your research on LinkedIn and more online searches. Trust me, you would be able to find some. People love sharing their experiences and expertise on such matters, so you wouldn’t have a hard time reaching out to someone. 

Connect with those people in a provider’s testimonials.

If your potential web hosting provider posts website testimonials, feel free to reach out to these individuals who wrote those testimonials. When writing testimonials, people make it sound good and reliable.