4 Tips to Help You Pick Event Souvenirs

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As an event planner, it is best that you make your guests happy before, during, and after the occasion. You can make them happy before the event starts by having some form of entertainment or something like a dance number, a band playing a popular song, or something.

You can make them happy during the event by feeding their hungry tummies and nourishing them with various drinks. And, how do you suppose you make them happy after the occasion? Well, simply by handing out some event “swag”.

These are just items that have your corporate branding on it, but how do you choose the right one? Read through the rest of the article to find out some tips.

1. Find Ones that are Practical

One of the best souvenir ideas would be to get something that they can actually use. For instance, you could buy a pen, mug, or even a t-shirt because all of these things are practical and can be used by the guests anytime.

Just make sure that you put your company branding so that they will remember where the item is from.

2. Give Something Nice

Although you can easily put your company’s name on the souvenirs, it would still be best if you have actual graphics imprinted on it.

You can skip this step if you already have a company logo. However, for those of you who do not have one, you could do a few things: either you hire a dedicated graphic designer or you create the designs yourself.

I would suggest the former, but if you have the skills, you can do so yourself. Just make sure to make it attention-grabbing with the name of your company still used prominently in the figure.

3. Stay on Your Budget

Planning an event is actually expensive as it is and adding some souvenirs as takeaways can increase the costs as well. Find something that is reasonably priced. That will also depend on the number of guests you’ve invited.

Suppose that you only have 100 guests at a corporate event, you can buy even more expensive gifts if you want. On the other hand, if you invite more people than that, you may have to cut the costs by looking for a much cheaper option.

4. Social Media can Help

It is safe to say that every person on the planet has an account on at least one social media platform. And, it would be wise to take advantage of this.

What is one reason why you want to give your guests some swag? You want them to remember you so that you can increase your brand coverage. And, to help with your brand visibility, you can ask them to post a picture on their social media accounts using a unique hashtag (that is relevant to your event) with the swag that they’ve got from the event.

To entice them to do so, tell them that they could win some amazing prizes such as discounts on future purchases, some perks, or any other service that your company provides.