7 Ways to Design a Killer ‘First Screen’ for Your Website

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What is first screen?

It is the initial glance that that a user gets in your own website. It includes everything above the scroll. Remember that the details you incorporate in the first screen is the key to the success of your website. The design can encourage users to click, and navigate further in your web pages.

1. Give Users Something To Do

Websites should not only offer unique visual experience of web application development. It is also important to give users great reasons to stick around. These actions may include the following:

  • Completing forms, like providing nicknames and email addresses
  • Playing simple games
  • Browsing different items for sale
  • Engaging with the content

2. Make Room for Branding

7 Ways to Design a Killer ‘First Screen’ for Your WebsiteIf you really want your website to be successful, you should let your readers know who it belongs to. Your first screen must include your logo, as well as any brand details.

A company name or brand name establishes credibility and legitimacy. It makes the website appear more real and trustworthy.

3. Minimize the Distractions

Every website element should appear focused, simple and streamlined. Don’t give your users too much details to look at. They shouldn’t deal with too much elements in the first screen. If you have plenty of content, make sure to space everything out in various screens.

4. Build a Distinct First Screen

It all begins with a good first impression. The website must make a huge impact. Leverage on captivating images, videos and illustrations. Your posts should capture your audience’s attention right away. Pair multimedia elements with focus keywords, so you can communicate well what your business can offer.

5. Navigation Should be Intuitive

Give your audience a good navigation experience. It should be very easy to use. Believe it or not, the hamburger style menu is one of the most popular ones being used today for good reasons. Many people have learned to work around it.

6. Build One Focal Point

Since you are working on one crucial canvas like the first screen, it’s crucial to establish the message or focus right away. Tell the readers what your website is all about immediately. Utilize a single visual concept to help them know who and what you are. You can accomplish this through compelling text and images.

7. Write Your Copies with Purpose

7 Ways to Design a Killer ‘First Screen’ for Your WebsiteConsider your first screen as the cover of your new book. Thus, it should include important information that will encourage users to engage.

Usually, a small copy block or headline will do the job. It may appear to be a quick, easy process, but this can entail many hours of work.