A Short Baby Poo Guide

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Do you love shopping for your beloved baby? Giving exactly what your little one needs is one of the joys of being a parent. Motherhood has a plenty of ups and downs, though. Today, you see yourself for baby clothes and baby milk bottles in Malaysia, and then tomorrow you would have a stressful soothing your baby’s stomach pain.

If you are first-time mom, there are plenty of things you need to know regarding baby care. One of the those is making sure that your baby’s poop is perfectly normal. So, what should your child’s poop look like? Here is a basic baby poop guide

Healthy Poop of a Breastfed Baby

Is your baby exclusively breastfed? Then, expect his stool to appear slightly green or yellow, with a creamy or mushy consistency. In a way, it can look like a mustard-colored cottage chesse, and smell sweet.

Healthy Poop of a Formula-Fed Baby

Those babies who are formula-fed have less runny poop. Their stool’s texture and color are similar to peanut butter. As for the color, it can vary from green-brown, yellow-brown to tan-brown. When fed with formula milk, baby poop can also smell a bit more like adult stool.

Newborn Poop / Meconium

Expect your newborn poop to be tarry, sticky and greenish black in his first few days. This is called meconium, and is made of skin cells, mucus, amniotic fluid, and other kinds of substances your infant had swallowed from the womb. It doesn’t have a strong smell, so wouldn’t know right away if it’s time to change the nappy. 

Black or Dark green poop 

If you are giving your little one iron supplements, his still may turn almost black, or dark green. This doesn’t occur a lot, but it is considered a normal variation. If the baby is more than one day old, and is not taking iron supplements, consult your physician immediately if the poop looks blackish. In some rare cases, this can be considered as a sign of bleeding in the digestive system.


Is your baby’s poop so hard that it looks like small pebbles? Then most likely, he is constipated. Your little one may be obviously uncomfortable when pooping. This often happens to babies who were just introduced to lots of solid food, so in most cases, there is nothing to worry about.