Mobile UX Design: User Errors

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Life Isn’t Perfect And Your App Falls Into That Spectrum As Well

Are you managing your own mobile app for your business? Well, from time to time, you are sure to encounter some errors. It happens, and you need to deal with it. Errors can have a big impact on user experience. It can be frustrating, but, with proper error handling, you can easily get through it.

What Is An App Error?

An error condition, or simply error, happens when a mobile app fails to accomplish an expected action like the following:

  • The mobile app fails
  • A user wants to run and manage incompatible operations concurrently
  • The mobile app doesn’t understand the user’s input

How To Prevent User Errors

Once you have decided to start the design process and get yourself a few app designers, you must be familiar with all the constraints that come with it. Consider all of these constraints in order to lessen the errors.

Make Your Error Message Consistent And Informative

According to professionals, it’s crucial to communicate errors to people clearly and gracefully. How do you know that an error message is effective?

  • It clearly communicates the facts surrounding the error message.
  • It describes how users can solve it.
  • It preserves user-entered input.

User Input Errors

User input validations should have clear conversations with mobile app users. It should guide them through all the most difficult moments of uncertainty and errors. The entire process is emotional, instead of technical.

Intuitive Design: Right Color

Color is an effective tool you can use if you want to design for error validation. Since it functions on an instinctual level, incorporating red for error messages, and then yellow for warning message is powerful.

Make sure that the error text is legible, with contrast that is quite noticeable against the background color.

What Really Happened: The Clear Message

Never incorporate templated error message. It should sound like it’s composed for humans. How can you achieve this? Speak the same language as your mobile app users. Don’t use technical jargon, and express every detail in your users’ vocabulary.


What is the best error message? Well, it is that message that never shows up. By maintaining your mobile app well, you can stop all the errors from happening. When it happens unexpectedly, handle it well. Help your users get through it. Don’t let them feel ignorant.