Worst Starting Hands in Texas Hold

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Learn How to Play Poker: The Worst Starting Hands in Texas Hold’em

Do you love playing Texas Hold’em poker? Then, you know very well that a pair of aces is just one of the many good starting hands in this card game. But, how about the worst hands? If you have this, most likely, you are going to fold. That is why it is very important to assess the cards you are holding from the very beginning if you are playing as part of the togel singapore.

If you want to further improve your poker play, make sure that you know how to evaluate these bad hands. This will help your strategy, and help you win against other players who are more experienced.

No specific hand is a guaranteed win, or sure lose. However, the following techniques can guide you in avoiding these bad hands that can ruin your poker game.

1. Low Card and a Face Card, Both Unsuited

Most beginners would immediately play the face cards in their hand. This is just one of the many mistakes most poker beginners commit. Keep in mind that almost all of these cards are considered junk cards, and can contribute to your loss. Once in a while, these can win some pots, but they will surely make you lose big cash in the long run.

2. Low Card and an Ace, Both Unsuited

These cards can occasionally contribute to a win. However, at a table of 4 or more and if there is a raise, this poker hand shouldn’t be played.

3. 7 and 2

These cards are the lowest a player can have, and are regarded as Texas Hold’em’s worst hand. They can never make a straight. If suited, they can contribute to a low flush.

4. 8 and 2

8 and 2 are just as problematic as 7 and 2. 8 is still considered bad for a certain high card. Whether it is suited or not, these cards are usually a fold’em poker hand. There is always an opportunity for a pair, but then again, these are very low.

5. 4 and 9, 2 and 9, and 3 and 9

If a player draws a 3, 2 or 4, with a 9, the only card that only makes sense is the 9. If it pairs, you can hold on to a middle pair that can possibly be beaten by another player with jacks, queens, aces kings or 10s. No straights are possible in this set.

6. 10 and 2

This is definitely a bad poker hand. Though this has a legendary image because of Doyle Brunson, it wouldn’t do you any good unless you are an experienced gambler who had spent several hours and thousands of dollars at the poker table.

7. 3 and 7, 3 and 8

The 7 and 3, or 8 and 3 are so much better to have than an 8 and 2, and 7 and 2. However, with an 8 and 3, a player still wouldn’t be able to get a straight. The 7 and 3 straight also has a very low probability of happening. Use these cautiously, since these are very low pairs.

8. 6 and 2

Just in case you get a 6 and 2, make sure to toss it. Even if a player gets a miracle flop of 5, 4 and 3, he would still lose to someone who has a higher straight. Someone can also get a higher flush. Remember, if you are playing against 4 players, this poker hand has a big chance of losing.

9. 5 and 9

This poker hand is known as the Dolly Parton. It is recognized because of that famous movie and song back in the 1980s. It is considered as a statistical loser, though.

10. 3 and 6, 5 and 8, 4 and 7, 4 and 8

These cards would rarely contribute to a win, most especially if there are unsuited. If the player is in a good position to have a blind bet, folding might be a good idea.

Poker is a Game of Chance

There are very few sure losing and winning hands in a game of poker. Almost all details cling to good chances. However, there are bad and good hands which further improve a player’s chance of winning the pot.